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DS Tokyo Beat Down 7.1
Xbox 360 Fracture 8.0
MOVIE The Unborn 0
PC Left 4 Dead 8.7
Xbox 360 Mirror's Edge 8.5
MOVIE Dead Space Downfall 3.5
MOVIE The Day the Earth Stood Still 0.5
PSP Super Stardust Portable 9.7  CHOICE PICK
PSP Need for Speed Undercover 2.8
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Current-gen:The Last Christmas

This Christmas is likely to be the last for the current-gen consoles, namely PS2, Xbox and GameCube. With their next-gen siblings battling it out in a new level of console competition, the current-gen consoles could be slipping into oblivion as early as the second quarter of next year, but not before Powerplay goes on a mission to uncover the final pieces of gems that will embrace the current-gen consoles.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007

Publisher: THQ
Current-gen platforms: PS2
Release date: November 10 (Europe), November 14 (US), February 1 (Japan)

This is your opportunity to live the life of a wrestler – in the virtual world, of course. With updated rosters, an expanded General Manager mode, in addition to a new analog control grappling system, how much more thrilling can it get? That is not to mention that new moves, new environmental controls like the ability to use more weapons and fighting in the crowd area, new match types are missing. What’s more, online multiplayer gameplay supports voice chat!

Scarface: The World is Yours

Publisher: Vivendi Games
Current-gen platforms: PS2, Xbox
Release date: October 8 (US), October 13 (Europe)

Get ready for more dangerous, aggressive gameplay with Scarface: The World is Yours. Tread through the violent-filled streets of Miami or the many other locations and you will know ‘tough’ is the word of this game. You will be able to interact with other characters to negotiate business deals and smuggle contraband among many other things, but beware, because what you know and see may not always be the same. As the name implies, ‘The World is Yours’, meaning that you are given the responsibilities of making the right decisions.


Publisher: EA
Current-gen platforms: PS2, Xbox, GameCube
Release date: October 3

Enjoy another new season of football with FIFA 07. If you are a football fan, chances are that you will adore this game. Not only do you get to control one of your favorite football stars, but also have the opportunity to become the manager of the football club of your choice and select which players will get into the starting 11. Couple that with the use of real-world tactics and realistic decision-making, as well as vibrant visuals and you get a wholesome football game that you can ask your friends to pop over to challenge with you or head online for Xbox Live and just have some casual fun.

Baten Kaitos Origins

Publisher: Namco
Current-gen platform: GameCube
Release date: Already out (Japan), September 25 (US)

Alas, GameCube owners will still have reasons to smile even if the GameCube is going in the way of the N64 soon. Welcome Baten Kaitos Origins for this may be the last top-tier RPG title that the GameCube will see before heading out for oblivion. (Adapted from IGN) – Baten Kaitos Origins takes place 20 years prior to the start of the original. You play as Sagi, a member of the empire's "Elite" force of fighters. Sagi heads off on a quest to determine the nature of a mysterious change that's appearing in the world. Actually, you don't play as Sagi like you play as the main characters of other RPGs. You actually play as a spirit that resides within Sagi, an entity that represents Sagi's "true self," and give "advice" to Sagi as the game progresses. The notion of a spirit residing in a character is actually a part of the Baten Kaitos storyline. The world of Baten Kaitos was formed when the living spirits of two separate worlds connected, and people who have spirits within them are considered wise.

Destroy All Humans! 2

Publisher: THQ
Current-gen platform: PS2, Xbox
Release date: October 17 (US), October 27 (Europe)

Destroy All Humans! returns with more quirky third-person action on the current-gen consoles. This is the second time the aliens have landed on Earth after their first experience in Destroy All Humans!. The aliens, known as Furons, plan to threaten the existence of humans again, but this time, in the sixties. Destroy All Humans! 2 introduces some new gameplay elements such as expanded open-world gameplay and amazingly, co-op multiplayer. You assume the role of a Furone Scout on the mission of disintegrating the humans from the surface of the Earth. Utilize the variety of new wepons and enhanced mental capabilities while battling anyone from secret agents to ninja warriors. There is only one request: You must succeed.

Need for Speed Carbon

Publisher: EA
Current-gen platform: PS2, Xbox, GameCube
Release date: November (specific date unknown)

Hop into one of the flashy cars and engage in a heart-thumping race down the hazardous canyons. Watch your speed, for one mistake could land you in flames. Immerse yourself in another round of dangerous street racing, where alert police roam. Fortunately, there is now an added variety – the crew. Your crew is vital in winning races, by the knowledge that they will attempt to bump opponents’ cars or block them when the need arises. More importantly, this is so that you can snatch away your opponents’ territory one by one. But at times, the police can be nuisances too. Get caught and your reputation will be tarnished. Lose the race, and your reputation will also suffer. No doubt the game will offer you the choice of tweaking you and your crew’s cars in any desirable way you deem needed. Let Need for Speed Carbon transport you to an entire new level of street racing never seen before.

God of War 2

Publisher: Sony CEA
Current-gen platform: PS2
Release date: February (US), March 30 (Europe)

(Adapted from IGN) -- Armed with all-new brutal combat moves and magic, players retake the role of Kratos and embark on a new epic adventure to change the fate of mortals and Gods alike. The original God of War saw Kratos, a mortal warrior, set upon an epic quest to dethrone a God. But his journey did not end there. In God of War II, Kratos sits atop his Olympus throne, as the new God of War – far more ruthless than Ares ever was. To end his continued torment, Kratos must journey to the far reaches of the earth and defeat untold horrors and alter that which no mortal, or god has ever changed: his fate. God of War II sets an epic stage for a devastating mythological war to end all wars.

God Hand

Publisher: Capcom
Current-gen platform: PS2
Release date: September 14 (Japan), October 10 (US)

(Adapted from IGN) -- God Hand combines a "hard boiled" atmosphere with humorous elements in a "comical, violent" action game directed by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4) and produced by Atsushi Inaba (Phoenix Wright). The game follows a kind, aimless traveler named Jean who, after attempting to save a girl from some sort of danger, gets his right arm chopped off by a mercenary. Somehow, he comes into possession of the God Hand, the legendary gold-glowing hand of a great savior from olden times. Now, Jean has the power to save the world, but also has the scum of the land after him. The game is filled with wild combat as Jean uses his newly-earned skills in fighting and leaping, and the power of the glowing God Hand can charge up and give him new skills. The game also includes lots of comical gags for an over-the-top experience of violence and hilarity.


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