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DS Tokyo Beat Down 7.1
Xbox 360 Fracture 8.0
MOVIE The Unborn 0
PC Left 4 Dead 8.7
Xbox 360 Mirror's Edge 8.5
MOVIE Dead Space Downfall 3.5
MOVIE The Day the Earth Stood Still 0.5
PSP Super Stardust Portable 9.7  CHOICE PICK
PSP Need for Speed Undercover 2.8
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Uniquely Gaming

(SUPER EXCLUSIVE) -- In this exclusive article, Powerplay explores some of the most unique games that do not seem to fit in any game genre. Welcome to the world of unique gaming, a place where innovative, creative and original games dominate.

Guitar Hero 2 (PS2, Xbox 360)
Once in a while, a music game pops out, but nothing comes closer to Guitar Hero in terms of popularity, and the sequel, Guitar Hero 2 will build on the success of Guitar Hero. Featuring a spanking new and longer song list, and armed with new venues and play modes, Guitar Hero 2 plans to overwhelm you with more choices than its predecessor. With a total of 40 songs, you may be forgiven for thinking that you can go rocking the entire day. Feeling lonely? Take on the multiplayer co-op mode and invite a friend over. Your rocking sessions will be complemented by cool guitars as well.

Every Extend Extra (PSP)
Every Extend originated as a freely-distributed computer puzzle/action game, but eventually made its way to the PSP in the form of Every Extend Extra. Every Extend Extra may look easy at first glance with its innocent triangular chains and vibrant colors, but you need some skills to make it through the levels. String chains together and build up combos as you shake to the unique music beats of every level. Train your reflexes and concentration as the challenges get increasingly intense and work around the given 15 lives and short time limit. EEE is a pure addictive game that is only let down by the lack of more than a dozen levels.

Brain Age/Big Brain Academy (DS)
Brain Age is a never-seen-before game that arrived on the DS earlier this year. It involves you taking part in various activities, ranging from simple mathematics problems to the more intensive memory tests. After you have completed the exercises, the game will tell you the age of you brain. For Sudoku lovers, the puzzles are included as well. Undisputedly, Brain Age is one of this year’s most unique titles and up till now, it is still up that in the charts that says: Top-10 best selling games. Big Brain Academy, the successor to Brain Age, builds on the gameplay of Brain Age by providing more problems. A stress-reliever, Big Brain Academy is an original game that is suitable for all ages.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Wii)
There is no better way of using the Wii-mote than playing this wacky game! You will be required to do all sorts of weird moves like standing the Wii-mote on your head and swinging it. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves definitely is one of those interactive games that only comes out once in a blue moon. With 200 creative and quick mini-games, this is one game made for the whole family. In other words, anyone can pick up the game and play – no training, no experience required. Fast and enjoyable.

Cooking Mama (DS)
The touch-screen of the DS is put to an acid test by Cooking Mama, which utilizes it for every mini-game. In a nutshell, Cooking Mama is an innovative game that comprises mainly of mini-games that have you doing simple tasks like cutting up carrots or frying an egg. For all of these tasks, all you need is your stylus and there you go: slicing, grating, peeling, mashing, to name a few. You are also able to share recipes with 4 other people. Cooking Mama certainly qualifies as one of the pick-and-go games that is well-tailored for people from all walks of life.

LocoRoco (PSP)
Take a break and find time to dive into the colorful world of LocoRoco. Your aim is simple, yet challenging: Guide little rolling and bouncing blobs through the levels by using the PSP’s left and right shoulder buttons to tilt the world in either direction. Join up with other blobs to make your blob bigger and at the same time, avoid splinters and enemies. LocoRoco is a refreshingly brilliant game built for anyone who wants to relax.

Electroplankton (DS)
If you are playing this game, be sure to put on a pair of headphones so that your works can be heard clearly. Get the hint: This is a music game, featuring 10 types of ever adorable creatures in the sea, which are known as “electric planktons”. Let loose your sense of creativity. Draw a path for the electric planktons and depending on the speed and direction, a piece of music is produced. Bundle that with a bag of effects, and this is a game that will truly make your day better. It is just a pity that your audio cannot be saved and once you exit the game, you will have to recreate the same piece of music if you want your friends to hear your works out.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)
The gameplay of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney speaks volumes about the game. Your are put into the role of Phoenix Wright, ace attorney, as he gathers the all-important evidence, interviews witnesses, surveys crime scenes in 5 various cases. Detect whether if there is any speck of truth in the witnesses’ words strengthen your case by presenting findings during proceedings. To sum it all up, this game is truly in a world of its own by allowing the players to act in the drama that is played out ever so often in the courts. Who knows? You may find this game useful for your lawyer training, well, if you want to be a lawyer, that is. Okay, case closed.


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