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DS Tokyo Beat Down 7.1
Xbox 360 Fracture 8.0
MOVIE The Unborn 0
PC Left 4 Dead 8.7
Xbox 360 Mirror's Edge 8.5
MOVIE Dead Space Downfall 3.5
MOVIE The Day the Earth Stood Still 0.5
PSP Super Stardust Portable 9.7  CHOICE PICK
PSP Need for Speed Undercover 2.8
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Friday, February 17, 2006

Game Review 11:Need for Speed Most Wanted (Black Edition)

I did watch several Need for Speed Most Wanted trailers before I got the game but alas, what a letdown! For a start, the graphics are a little too bad. They are too pixellated. Sometimes, I even have to strain my eyes to read the SMS messages that will be sent to you through the game when you are playing in carrer mode. Where was the ease of drifting as I was promised in the trailers? In fact, I cannot even drift during gameplay! There are only a few modes of play in NFS Most Wanted but they are rich enough in content to keep you occupied for about a week if you play the game regularly. In NFS Most Wanted, you can either enter the quick race mode, if you want a quick fix or the challenge mode. Lastly, there is the carrer mode, where you must beat the drivers of Blacklist 15 and climb your way to the top (Take note: This is a slow process). To take on a rival Blacklist 15 driver, you must complete a set of challenges first before you can race with the fellow. After beating that fellow, you will take his/her place. What makes NFS Most Wanted really outstanding are the beautiful sceneries that you can enjoy while taking a ride around the cities and the exciting and engaging police chases (this is difficult to escape). The A.Is are very clever - that's because the police will do anything to take you down, unlike those in Forza Motorsport, where you have really stupid A.Is. Hear a helicopter hovering? Drive faster! You are being pursued! NFS Most Wanted also allows you to knock into things so you can break away from the police and cooldown. Or if you still can't break them, out-speed them and they will lost track of you. Overall, NFS Most Wanted is quite a challenging game. If not for its graphics, I will give it a higher score. That is a grave mistake that EA has made. It marred the entire game. But yeah, try this if you have not played any NFS games before - while waiting for the next Halo-like game to arrive. About the Black Edition: It contains an extra DVD which consists of some video clips that you can watch before playing the game.

(Updated) Oh, it seems that I am wrong with NFS Most Wanted last time round. As the game progresses into the final stages in carrer mode, the difficulty cranks up and second tries may be needed frequently. The ending for NFS Most Wanted is the first for a racing game. It is simply fantastic. In order to finish your carrer, you need to escape the city -- the only way the get away from the pesky cops. To do that, you need to drive over an unfinished bridge to the other side. Bravo! This game finishes like a FPS storyplot. Talk about fresh things! After finishing the carrer mode, you will unlock some other cars and new corners will be rewarded. So, as mentioned earlier, the game does not contain only 32 cars; it contains more and you need to unlock them. Good work, EA! Before I forgot, NFS Most Wanted has quite an amount of customization options.

New overall score: 9.9/10
Good points: Exciting cops chases (also the most memorable part of the game)
Bad points: repetitive gameplay (some people might not be able to take it and will leave the carrer mode unfinished)
Platform available: All

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Game Review 10:Mario and Luigi - Partners In Time

(Updating in progress. Rewritten edition to be posted soon ... Thank you for your patience.)

Overall points: 10/10
Platform available: Nintendo DS

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Exciting game reviews coming soon ...

Look out for the exciting full game review of the above game, soon - on the Powerplay blog!

And also the full review of the Xbox's version of NFS: Most Wanted!

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As the Nintendo DS enters its second year of operation, a generous spread of upcoming hot games are hitting the shelves soon ... Here are some:

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Genre: Fighting
Release date: 30 Mar

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