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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Game Review 24:FlatOut 2

Just over a year after I played Burnout Revenge, I tried the FlatOut 2 demo, which eventually lured me into buying the game. At first, I was rather skeptical about FlatOut 2: Would it be as lame as Burnout Revenge, a game that involves senseless knocks into other vehicles and positioning of your vehicle so that it would cause a major traffic breakdown, if not lamer? After experiencing FlatOut 2 for a few days, I was proved wrong. In fact, FlatOut 2 has provided me with one of the most satisfying gameplay experience to date. In case you are wondering, I have never played the original FlatOut before.

For starters, FlatOut 2 is all about destruction, to the point where the game actually encourages destruction. Tracks consist of tons of destructible objects that are essential ingredients for filling your nitro boost bar. Vehicles deform in a great variety of ways and drivers perform outward flies if their vehicles get a heavy crash. FlatOut 2 does a great job of providing you with a huge number of tracks, be it in the canals, city or forest and special events like stunts, derby matches and special destruction tracks for you to show that you are the ultimate destroyer. Quite simply, FlatOut 2 overwhelms you with so many choices not seen in driving games in recent memory. It will definitely provide endless hours of entertainment. FlatOut 2 is a game that scores high in replayability value, although I have to admit that the career mode is a little short.

FlatOut 2 also allows you to do your destruction in awe, thanks to the amazing visuals. Although things do not blur when you are travelling fast like in Need for Speed Carbon, the structures look realistic and lighting effects are there for you to admire. Colors are generally vibrant as well. The developers must have paid a lot of attention to the music in FlatOut 2 in addition to the graphics. The music is appropriate for every section in the game and well, they are pleasant. An introduction video can be seen before the start of the game and that can be said to be excellent. The interface is interesting and a bonus feature, Making of FlatOut 2, has been loaded onto the DVD to make the game a value buy, and one that is worth every of your dollar.

However, not all is sweet in the game. Perhaps the most serious flaw that can be noticed in FlatOut 2 is the controls. No matter what class or make of vehicle you choose to drive, be it in the derby class, street class or race class of cars, the vehicles handle almost the same. The controls feel loose and touchy, and they may turn unforgiving at times if you are not careful with the arrow keys. The nudge on the right arrow key, for example, may translate into a drastic last-minute-type turn of your vehicle. In a way, this makes drifting a breeze in the game, but it also makes you feel as if the controls need more tweaking, which in fact, it requires. Although FlatOut 2 is not meant to be a simulation racer like the Xbox’s Forza Motorsport, controls still do need to be tightened.

Of course, FlatOut 2 will not be complete without multi-player, and the game provides just that, but how come there isn’t anyone to play with? I wandered into the online play of FlatOut 2, but the game kept on repeating to me that it cannot find anyone for me to race with. Another minor complain is that you cannot change views when you are driving, but that may be due to the want of the developers for you to see the destruction of the exterior of your vehicle. Otherwise, FlatOut 2 is one hell of a fun game. And there isn’t any reason for anyone not to be able to enjoy this game. Requirements are extremely low like in Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy: You need only 256MB of RAM and a graphics card that has 64MB of video memory to be able to enjoy the game. What’s stopping you? FlatOut 2 is one of the most fun game I have ever encountered, marred only be some errors like poor controls, lack of online players and the inability to change views when driving.

Overall score: 8.7/10

What's good: Destruction, destruction and more destruction! Amazing visuals, appropriate and pleasant music, great variety of tracks and events (high replayability value), interesting interface, excellent introduction video
What's not: Career mode is a little too short, poor controls, lack of online players, inability to change views when driving

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