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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gaming Guide 4: Gears of War - Boss Battles

Survive the boss battles in Gears of War! Read on to find out how.

Act 1: Ashes

Berserker is the boss you will have to face at the end of Act 1. It will appear by smashing down the wall at the end of the corridor. At this point of time, enter the door on the right side of the corridor and you will realize that you are in a big room with many pillars. Hit the ‘Y’ button and the game will tell you that there is a smashable door at the far end of the room. Make your way towards it and station yourself in its foreground and turn to face the Berserker. Fire at it to attract its attention and it will come running towards you. Just as it is about to bang into you, dodge out of the way. This results in the door being smashed and you will be able to proceed to the next room. There are 3 of such rooms in total including the one mentioned above. Repeat the above strategy for the other 2 rooms (with each further one getting smaller in size) and you will emerge into an open field. Use the Hammer of Dawn that you should already be equipped with earlier and fry the Berserker thrice for it to drop dead. After that, the ending cut scene will appear. Congratulations, you have just completed Act 1!

Act 3: Belly of the Beast

Corpser is the second boss you will be facing in Gears of War, appearing before the end of Act 3. You will discover that there is a rocky platform with molten flowing through it. Walk on it and once you are halfway through, a cut scene will start, showing a Corpser emerge from the cave above. Ultimately, the way to silence the Corpser is not to kill it with your weapons, but to shoot it back to a detachable metal platform further down. The shotgun is your best bet for this boss battle. Shoot the belly of the Corpser and its mouth will open. Quickly shoot its mouth with your shotgun once it is opened. Upon accomplishing the 2 actions, the Corpser will retreat, inching its way nearer to the detachable metal platform. You will have to repeat the above mentioned step a number of times for the Corpser to be fully on the metal platform. Once on it, the game will inform you that there are 2 other smashable smaller metal platforms holding on to the big one and that you need to use your weapon to destroy them. Once destroyed, the Corpser will fall into the molten pit and you will win. Note that wretches will appear during the battle to hamper your efforts. Keep your fingers crossed that your partner, Dom, does not get downed by the wretches so that they will all concentrate on him instead of you. If Dom is downed, revive him quickly and continue your assault on the Corpser. Do not stay too far away from the Corpser or else it will emit a toxic breath that will injure you; stay close and blast it using the said steps.

General RAAM
Act 5: Desperation

General RAAM is the end boss of the game, but that does not mean it is more difficult to handle than earlier bosses. The best and most suitable weapons for this battle are the Sniper rifle, the torque bow and grenades. General RAAM has kryll surrounding its body and when they are around his body, he is invulnerable to your sniping. Only when the kryll are away from General RAAM’s body will you be able to shoot him using the sniper rifle. Once in a while, General RAAM will send its kryll to get you. The lights at the bottom of the train are the ones that will save you from the kryll, so be sure to stay in them at all times. You can also discharge the kryll from General RAAM’s body by shooting a torque arrow into its body or by hurling a grenade near him. Any explosive weapon will frighten the kryll off General RAAM’s body and since it moves slowly, you should have no problem landing a grenade at its feet. Just be careful of the chain gun rounds General RAAM will aim at you in order to silence you. If you have to move because General RAAM is approaching you and endangering your life, always do a roadie run (done by holding down the ‘A’ button) to a light source before the kryll get to you. Dom will probably die before you finish General RAAM, but do not bother reviving him unless he is at a light source. A succession of torque arrow shots, grenade throws that land at its feet and sniper rifle headshot rounds (a perfect reload is a must as you deal extra damage with it, and so is the headshot) within 4 to 6 times will take down General RAAM for good. You have to achieve this without any misses in between to prevent General RAAM from reaching your cover, forcing you to flee for the other side (which can be suicidal). Try this boss battle a few times to get familiar with it first. After killing General RAAM, enjoy the awesome cut scene – which brings me to the next statement: The ending hints you to you that there will be a sequel. Insane mode is unlocked.


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