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Saturday, September 02, 2006

DS:Summer and Beyond

This is just the right time of be an owner of the DS/DS Lite handheld because more exciting games are set to sizzle you up this summer and way into next year. Just how exciting can upcoming DS games get? Read on to find out.

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

When the name of the game has got the word ‘Zelda’ in it, it is definitely going to be great, and this DS game is no exception. But before you start jumping for joy, please note that this game has missed the train and would only arrive in January next year. This game is played in the top-down view and would feature a map on the lower DS screen. Recommended that you start training with any available Zelda game right away.

Final Fantasy 3

Square Enix takes you to another Final Fantasy adventure with this DS game, which would be hitting the shelves on November 14 in the US, but has already been released on August 21 in Japan. Final Fantasy 3 has never been released in North America before and this is the suitable game for you to get to complete your Final Fantasy collection. Final Fantasy 3 for the DS is a rehash of the original one and the graphics are now 3D, instead of the original 2D.

MechAssualt: Phantom War

MechAssualt used to be an exclusive Microsoft franchise for the Xbox, but the surprising thing is that, Microsoft has loaned Nintendo MechAssualt. The end product? This game. Although there is a noticeable visual downgrade, the gameplay is expected to remain intact. This is a boost for MechAssualt fans because the Mechs can now be brought anywhere!

Tomb Raider: Legend

Lara Croft is finally coming to the DS after a long wait. Swing, jump, fight and shoot with your favorite heroine as she performs almost-impossible stunts. Even if you have played it before, it is good to bring Lara around – just in case you need to get your quick adventure fix.

Sims City DS

Remember the PC game that you used to play? Wait, do not get me wrong. Sims City DS is not a port of the PC game. Instead, it features stylus-based controls, some mini games and even a new adviser character, who may aid you in designing your city. Sims City DS also has 3 modes for you to explore. However, if you decide to get this game this December, there is no hope. You may have to wait a while before it arrives.

Codename: Panzers

It is good new to hear that yet another strategy game is arriving on the DS so soon. Similar to the other 2 strategy games already on the DS (Advanced Wars: Dual Strike and Age of Empires: The Age of Kings), this game is turn-based. The game thrusts you into the chaotic situation of WW2 unlike the other 2.

The Settlers

This is a unique addition to the DS game library since it is another strategy game also coming from the side of PC games (Hey, the DS is getting quite a number of RTS games, isn’t it?). Start building an empire! The game features both battles and empire-building. No RTS game is complete without the campaign mode and this game is not going to stray far from any tried-and-tested formula. Get ready see many character classes. Totally impressive!

Asphalt: Urban GT 2

Asphalt Urban GT makes a return to the DS (and also on the PSP) with more polished visuals. The game features real cars and motorbikes as the race in real locations. Okay, everything is real. You are not longer restricted to vehicles and places from fiction books. With 30 tracks and 36 licensed cars and motorcycles, what could be better than this? Get your engines ready!


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