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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Uniquely Gaming 2

We take a look at more unique games in this second article. These are the games you do not see often, but are sure to provide a fresh and exciting gaming experience.

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flOw (PS3)

At first sight, flOw, which is available now through the PlayStation Store for US$7.99, the game resembles DS’s Electroplankton. Glowing shapes of various sizes dominate the screen, and at the same time, it introduces new meaning to the word ‘beauty’. Gameplay is simplistic and straightforward, making it suitable for everyone, casual gamers included. Using the motion-sensing abilities of the PS3 SIXAXIS controller, you steer your creature towards the other smaller creatures to devour them, thus making your creature bigger. For creatures that are bigger than yours, you can attempt to break them down into smaller chunks first before consuming them. Upon clearing all available lifeform, you will move downwards into the other portions of the environment until you arrive at the bottom, and after which you will unlock a new creature. There are a total of 6 unlockable creatures and the game offers two-player multiplayer as well. Andante music accompanies you during gameplay and makes the game feel more soothing. For PS3 owners seeking to take a breather from those massive action games, flOw is on hand.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS)

The point-and-click adventure genre has been taking a back seat recently due to the dominating presence of RPGs on the DS. Once in a while, a special game like Hotel Dusk: Room 215 comes along and offers a gaming experience unlike any other. To start with, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is one of the only few DS games that is played by holding the DS vertically like a book. In fact, this play style suits the game well because this is just how the game plays out – a thrilling mystery novel that well, has you as the lead. Featuring a deep storyline, Hotel Dusk: Room 215 puts you into the shoes of an ex-detective whom has put a task upon himself to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his missing ex-partner in the police force. Wicked twists and turns in the story plot catch you off-guard as you struggle to separate truth from fiction. No prizes for guessing that the intensity of the game increases as you progress through it. In addition, the game is fully presented in beautiful comic-style hand-drawn art. To read the full review of the game on the Powerplay blog, click here.

Kororinpa: Marble Mania (Wii)

Rarely does a game base its gameplay entirely on marbles and balls alone, but that is exactly what Kororinpa: Marble Mania is all about: controlling marbles and balls of different shapes, sizes and colors, each with their own specific properties, be it benefits or disadvantages in the several complex 3D mazes. Players do not gain control of the marbles or balls. Instead, you are given the full control of the environments, tilting the world in appropriate directions, even upside-down, to steer your round object to victory. Once all the 45 levels are completed, the game unlocks all mirrored versions of all the levels for you to attempt again. Split-screen multiplayer is supported as well. For a game that features intuitive motion-sensing controls with the Wii-mote and can be completed within a short period of time, it can be used for short bursts of fun when friends and families gather for some time-out.

Cooking Mama: Cook Off (Wii)

Cooking Mama made its debut on the DS last year and travels to the Wii this year for more cookin’ fun. For gamers who love to pit their skills against others, Cooking Mama: Cook Off has a 2-player vs. mode (split-screen). Featruing international dishes from 10 nations around the globe, the recipes couldn’t be any better. As in the case of the DS game, Cooking Mama: Cook Off utilizes the motion-sensitive Wii-mote to make the best out of the controls, offering casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike a fun way to do virtual cooking. Crack an egg and dicing onions – it is all included. The ‘cartoon-like’ graphics will appeal to people from all walks of life.

Cube (PSP)

The game has not been released yet, but it will be soon – on the 23rd of April. For the PSP, comes another puzzle game that challenges you to use some serious mind work to steer yourself to a win. Among the colorful stages lies dozens of traps and hazards that prevent your cube from reaching the pre-decided point. Fortunately, your cube has an ability to slide around the ‘track’. In other words, if the cube is on the surface, it can slide around it to go onto the underside of the ‘track’. To aid your cube, there are switches in each level that can turn off traps and hazards so you can navigate the cube to the goal. You can also control the camera and have a better view of what lies ahead. There are a total of 9 zones spanning over 138 various levels for you to explore. Beat the time and attain either the gold, silver or bronze award to unlock more content such as bonus levels and music. The word ‘replayability’ is in as the game allows you to create more levels with the handy level editor. Couple that multiplayer for 35 levels and the ability to share your created levels online and what you have here is a wholesome puzzle game.


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