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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Game Preview 20:Wii Sports

Publisher: Nintendo
Platform Available: Wii
Release date: Wii launch

If there is any game that can showcase the fullest possible capabilities of the Wii-mote, it must be this game. And that is why Nintendo is bundling this game with the Wii console – players can get to know more about the functions of the Wii-mote first before getting down to play with other games. You can see Wii Sports as one game by itself or you can view it as five different games because Wii Sports is essentially a compilation of sports games: Wii Baseball, Wii Golf, Wii Tennis, Wii Boxing and Wii Bowling. Players do not need to have any experience with other sports titles beforehand; just pick up the Wii-mote and start playing – controls are intuitive. It is the kind of games where everyone can get involved. Wii Sports does not boast graphics that are as cutting-edge as Final Fantasy 13, but it makes up for the lack of that by offering one of the most interactive gameplay ever seen. For example, in Wii Tennis, just swing the Wii-mote like what you would do in real-life with a racket when the ball comes flying towards you. This game has a ‘pick-me-up-and-play’ style to the extent that the game does all the running for you. It is this type simple gameplay mechanics that will get even your grandparents involved. Wii Sports also accomplishes its job of making the game feels real. While playing Wii Boxing and Wii Bowling, only a pair of hands will be in the foreground, giving you the feeling that you are in the game itself. To put it simply, Wii Sports would not be possible on any other console – it is that kind of game that can only be made for the Wii. Below are more detailed previews of each sport: (Previews for Wii Baseball and Wii Boxing are unavailable)

Wii Golf

Aspiring to be the next Tiger Woods? Get your practice here! Playing Wii Golf is simple. Hold the Wii-mote with both your hands. Stand sideways towards the screen and hit it! Of course, a power meter would be available at the lower side of the screen to tell you the optimum strength needed behind the shot. Go beyond the meter and your shot would stray out too far from the hole. If the power meter turns green, then it is just right.

Wii Tennis

Wii Tennis may be the simplest of the pack with the game doing all the running for you. All you need to do is to successfully hit the ball back, which should not be much of a problem. You can showcase all your tennis skills here. Yep, every movement with the Wii-mote would affect the style of your shots. Be it a back spin, top spin, left spin, and whatever move you want – you can do it here. You can choose to play a solo game or go with doubles. Where is there a better way to imitate a real game of tennis?

Wii Bowling

The same level of interactivity is also present in Wii Bowling. The Wii-mote becomes your bowling ball in this segment of Wii Sports. Swing the Wii-mote forward like what you would do with your bowling ball. It would help if you have played bowling before – every movement will affect the delivery of the ball and ultimately decide how many pins would be knocked down. You can move your position with the D-pad on the Wii-mote, in addition to adjusting the angle of direction. When you are ready, hold down the ‘B’ button, and swing the Wii-mote forward, not forgetting to release the button to release the ball. Ask your friends over to your house to have a game of bowling!


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