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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Game Preview 19 - Superman Returns:The Videogame

Publisher: EA
Platform Available: Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, DS
Release date: November 20 (US), December 31 (Europe), November 20 (US) – DS version, November 24 (Europe) – DS version

Superman Returns: The Videogame is based on the movie of the same name released earlier this year, and if you are expecting the actors and actresses to lend their voices to this game, then you are in luck. Mostly typical of Xbox 360 games, the Xbox 360 build of the game will have slick visuals. The buildings and skyscrapers of Metropolis, the setting for the game, look realistic and Superman himself looks highly detailed. Unlike most games where you meet with an invisible wall of sort if you stray too far out, Superman Returns: The Videogame aims to let you fly higher, even higher than the skyscrapers. Superman Returns: The Videogame also differs a little from other similar games by the fact that Superman does not have a health bar because he is invincible. However, not having a health bar tagged to your character does not necessarily guarantee an easy route to victory. In fact, Metropolis, the city which you are supposed to protect, has acquired the health bar. In other words, if you fail to halt the enemies from destructing the city or if you accidentally kill some of the civilians, the city’s health bar will start depleting in no time .The city of Metropolis is built virtually with the word ‘vast’ in mind, so you can expect to do lots of exploring, which is what the game wants you to do. While there are side missions that you do not need to complete in order to progress further into the game, they are essential in unlocking some new moves and boosting Metropolis’s health bar. You can save kittens, help civilians, and boost Metropolis’s health bar. Side missions are usually triggered by flying (does Superman even needs to walk?) into a particular area. You can ignore the side missions, but once you are in, there is no exit. You must ensure that the enemies in that particular side mission are silenced, or else you risk the depletion of Metropolis’s health bar. That being said, you should know your priorities. Should you pay attention to the more dangerous villain, which registers a three-storey height, or should you choose to fight that opponent, which poses less of a hazard? Of course, you will choose to concentrate on the bigger obstacles and the game has got plenty to provide in this area. I do not know if you view that as unfortunate, but this is supposed to make the game much more exciting. Enemies that appear in the game include some of those that are not seen in the movie such as Metallo, one of them that you will encounter several times, Mongul, Platoon and Riot among others. Lex Luthor, the villain who appeared in the movie, is included as well. It actually helps if you have read some Superman comics before. Needless to say, Superman has a ton of super powers at his disposal to finish off his enemies with unimaginable forces. You start the game with basic powers like freeze breath, heat vision and super breath. That is not to mention that Superman does have the ability to fly at incredible speeds, almost matching that of light. There are 40 combo moves for you to unlock, in addition to upgradeable powers. Don’t forget the costumes! The objects in the environments can be utilized to hurl at your enemies, but that will put the surrounding civilians at risk, so do it at your own peril. Superman possesses aerial attacks, slamming moves and many more waiting for you in the game. You will have to decide which is most suitable for which enemy. Alas, Superman Returns: The Videogame is played in a third-person view, and when that is mentioned, do the two words “camera problems” come to your mind? Often, games are bogged down by camera issues, with the camera simply not positioning itself right. EA has done its work and Superman Returns: The Videogame attempts to correct that egregious error. In this game, however, the camera will be placed at an acceptable distance from Superman and allows you to view all the happenings nicely, so you can rest assure that the camera will not be a bonus enemy in this game. Animations and special effects will be in abundance in this game – a treat for your eyes. Superman Returns: The Videogame is Xbox Live-enabled and will have achievement points, but details are still scarce at the moment. The game also allows you to play as Bizzaro Superman – that kind of superfluous, but nice things – EA has added them in as well, including some mini-games that you should find time to try out – even if you are Superman. In a nutshell, Superman Returns: The Videogame may turn out to be one of the best movie-based games. It looks promising, engaging, interesting, but unfortunately, for PC owners who do not own any console, you may miss all the action. The game releases just after PS3 and Wii are launched. Look out for it.


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