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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hardware Guide 2: Nvidia 7800 GTX graphics card

This graphics card (256MB video memory) may look quite plain and simple to you but it packs extreme power. It is currently the world's most powerful graphics card that is not overclocked. Get your computer powered with this graphics card and you can handle every single game in the market right now. As game magazines mentioned, it will be better if two of these graphics card are slotted into your CPU, even better if it is overclocked. A pity this new and powerful gadget costs a bomb! That's alright, if you can't afford the big price, get its sibling instead - the Nividia 7800 GT, which is still good enough. A great buy if you have money this Christmas. Get it if you haven't. It is a must-buy for any PC gaming fans out there! I'm one of them, but you know, I don't have the money. It costs over a thousand in my country. I'm currnetly using an ageing ATI X300 graphics card. Happy Christmas! Click here for full specifications.


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